Facebook, as you know, is one of the most used websites with the highest traffic, It is one of the most used Social Media platform. Hence Marketers are still looking for ways to use this site to generate traffic.

A lot of other Social Sites have lost the amount of traffic it used to generate, but Facebook is still providing large traffic and productivity too. But Facebook marketing is not an easy task as it may seem. For efficient marketing, there are various things to keep in mind which people usually overlook.

So today we will be discussing a few mistakes you should definitely avoid doing while marketing on Facebook.

So Let’s take a look at these.

1. Stop being Lazy!

When you get into a routine you can become lazy and complacent. We look for shortcuts to cut down on time and energy, but we get sloppy in the process. Social media updates are no exception. It becomes so easy to just copy, paste, and publish the same content on every social media network. But that’s unacceptable. Make sure you complete your profile and also Reply to people who comment on your page or post. Do not ignore them!

2. Keep a track of your Insights

Facebook allows you to keep track of your insights. This data is very useful and valuable, it tells you about your Followers and how can you use it more effectively to reach out to people. This data will show you how many friends you can reach out to through your followers. You also come to know how many people are talking bout your brand and if people are not talking than something needs to be changed.

3. Focus on Branding

Make sure that whatever you post on your page is relevant to your brand at least 90% of the time. This does not mean that you just keep Marketing because that would eventually make people lose interest. Make sure that your post is related to your brand even if it is not a marketing post. For example, if you are selling Cooking utensils then you can share cooking hacks and tips. Just remain consistent with your brand.

4. Do not forget that it’s a Social Platform

Facebook is a Social Platform and we should not forget that. If you just keep posting and posting and try to achieve the results, you will not. You definitely need to interact with your followers as well! When someone messages respond or when someone comments respond. This will show your followers that you care for them making you more approachable. Do not forget to socialize on Facebook.

5. Stop Caring too much about Likes!

Definitely Likes are a great to pay attention to but don’t just focus on it. Make sure your users don’t just like your page but also share your content. Also, keep a track of the traffic on your website and increasing sales. Likes are important but if they are not productive enough for you than what’s the point.

6. Don’t Be Boring!

Don’t keep sharing similar Content on Facebook this will make your followers lose interest in your page. Make sure your content is interesting enough to catch people’s attention. Don’t add too much text! Find different content to share like graphics, videos, pictures, or even memes. Stay up to date with the ongoing trends on social media. But make sure your content is not offensive.

7. Keep in mind the Rules!

Facebook has many rules which you should keep in mind while running a page or posting to avoid suspension of your account.

These are a few mistakes many of us make while marketing on Facebook. Marketing on Facebook is something very common these days but keeping these points in mind will definitely give you great results. You can get a good amount of traffic from Facebook if you take time, understand basic rules, and do it the right way.

So, All the Best!

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