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MacBook Repair Services


Facing unsolved issues and irritating problems with Apple MacBook Pro, MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air and iMac? We specialize in the repair and upgrade all Apple Mac Computers. We can bring a dead MacBook Pro / MacBook Pro Retina, MacBook Air back to life. Just call us and we will collect your MacBook from your place, fix it and deliver back to you in no time. We offer same day service for most repairs.

We are experts at fixing all Macs. We have solution for all kind of Apple Mac problems. We are fixing Mac issues like; cracked LCD LED screen, dead battery, logic board repair, liquid or water damage repair, no power, laptop keep shutting down, Mac won’t start up or won’t turn on, Freezing & very slow, Hard Disk connector cable issue, flashing folder with question mark, wi-fi issues, white & grey screen, noisy fan, speaker problems, DC power jack issue, display connector issue, dim display etc.


Liquid or Water Damage Repair

Get repaired your MacBook from damage by a liquid spills

Damage MacBook Screen Replacement

We repair/replace a cracked or broken Mac LCD screen

MacBook Keyboard Problems & Repair

We can diagnose and repair Apple Keyboard issues

Hard Disk & Memory (RAM) Upgrade

We replace or upgrade Hard Disk & Memory (RAM)

Trackpad Issues Repair / Replace

We provide Apple Magic Mouse or Trackpad repair service

MacBook Logic Board Repair / Replace

We offer Apple Logic Board repairs & Motherboard repairs

Hinges and Broken Parts Repair

We can repair and replace Hinges and broken Parts

Adapter and Battery Repair / Replace

We check Battery or Adapter related issues


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