Digital Marketing in Mumbai

Our digital marketing specialize in Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Content Writing, SEO, Copyediting, Proofreading, Graphic Design, Website development & more

Steps we Follow:

  • UNDERSTANDING – We understand your business and business goal.
  • BRAINSTORMING – We will analyze your business goal, and how a website can help you achieve it.
  • RESULT – We will analyze your business goal, and how a website can help you achieve it.

Only Checklist you want for


Check Grammer and spelling.


Check if the website works on multiple browsers.



Ensure SEO Metadata is included on all the pages/posts.



Don’t forget to create and publish a sitemap.


404 Pages

Ensure you have 404 page and that they work.


Legal Pages

Have a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and disclaimer(s).



Have a contact page. Test a Contact form if any.


Loading Speed

Upon Launch test the load speed. Improve if >2 seconds.


Social Media Marketing

Take your brand to new heights with the power of Social Media. At Rightly Digital, we don't just share your message, we create conversations.

Content Writing

Content is King and if you want to be able to connect with your customers and please the search engines at the same time, you need quality SEO optimized content. Let your content do all the talking

SEO Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or Paid Advertising can help you reach new customers immediately with a low investment. We specialize in Google Adwords & Facebook Ads

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