1. Tally Prime- Launching TallyPrime – Education Mode & Activating License Final
  2. Tally Prime- Creating New Company, Alteration, Deletion
  3. Tally Prime- Costing of Tally
  1. Tally Prime- Data Entry Steps – Ledgers, Items and Vouchers
  2. Tally Prime- How to update Opening Balances & Opening Stock in TallyPrime
  3. Tally Prime- Creation and Alteration of Stock Category
  4. Tally Prime- Creation of Unit of Measurement & FAQ
  5. Tally Prime- Creation and Alteration of Stock Item
  6. Tally Prime- Purchases and sales
  7. Tally Prime- Contra, Receipt and Payment Vouchers
  1. Tally Prime- Bill wise details for Purchases
  2. Tally Prime- Bill-wise Details for Sales – Bills Receivable
  3. Tally Prime- Bill-wise Accounts Recording & Maintaining Installments
  1. Tally Prime- Cheque Book Configuration
  2. Tally Prime- Cheque Printing
  3. Tally Prime- Bank Reconciliation
  1. Tally Prime- GST Transactions-Single Slab
  2. Tally Prime- GST Transactions – Multiple Tax Slabs
  3. Tally Prime- E-Way Bill-Resgitration
  4. Tally Prime- E-WAYBILL Generation, Cancellation, Update and more
  5. Tally Prime- GST Services
  6. Tally Prime- GST Expenses
  7. Tally Prime- Setup Logo Printing
  8. Tally Prime- How to Print Additional Description of Stock Items
  9. Tally Prime- Optimize Printing Paper Size
  10. Tally Prime- Learn GSTR-1 Tables
  11. Tally Prime- GSTR-1 Filing Nill
  12. Tally Prime- GSTR2 & 2A Reconciliation
  13. Tally Prime- GSTR-3B Filing I Online and Offline methods
  14. Tally Prime- Keyboard Shortcuts in Tally Prime Erp with GST Course
  15. Tally Prime- Working with Existing Company in Tally Prime Course
  17. Tally Prime- GST AT STOCK ITEM LEVEL
  1. Tally Prime- GST Registration – Filing Clarifications
  2. Tally Prime- GST Registration – Tracking Submitted Applications
  3. Tally Prime- GST Registration – Core Filed Amendments
  4. Tally Prime- GST Registration – Non-Core Filed Amendments
  5. Tally Prime- GST Tax Adjustment
  6. Tally Prime- GST Tax Computation
  7. Tally Prime- GST Registration -CANCELLATION
  8. Tally Prime- Genarate E-Way Bills Creation, Alter & Cancellation
  1. Tally Prime- Activation of Batches for Stock Item
  2. Tally Prime- Allocation of Batch Details in Purchase Invoice
  3. Tally Prime- Selling of Stock Items from Batch and Identifying of Expired Batch in Sales
  4. Tally Prime- Returning of Expired Batch Stock Item
  5. Tally Prime- Activating Price Levels
  1. Tally Prime- Practical Projects

This Course Include:

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Tally Prime : Beginner to Advance GST Accounting using Tally


Tally Prime, the latest version of Tally is specially designed, for business owners empowering them to securely access actionable insights and business reports from anywhere, at any time and from any device.

With the goal to make every day simple and manage business more efficiently, Tally.ERP 9 is now Tally Prime!

Tally Prime – new age business management software and provide greater power and seamless experience to all the Tally Users like Data entry operators, accountants, Chartered accountants, CFO, business etc.

What can you expect from this course:

  • This course is created keeping in mind about day to day tasks that an accountant has to perform.
  • Other courses simply show how Tally works but doesn’t show how to solve the problem using Tally. This course will show you how to use Tally like a professional, meeting all your bookkeeping requirements.
  • You will gain solid foundation of Tally.
  • You will find maintaining accounts an easy task, comfortably.

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  • Beginner Tally User
  • Business Individuals Willing to Learn Computerized Accounting to Save Time
  • Anyone looking for Accounting Job.
  • Anyone Looking for Easy GST Compliance