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Mustafa S Mala

Web Designer | Your Instructor


"15 Years into web designing"


"Easy To Follow"


"Easy To Follow"

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If you have checked ANY of the above boxes, don’t worry. This Web Design course will help you solve all your problems because you’ll be able to build a reliable and beautiful website by yourself.💖

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Here Is What We Will Teach You...

Rock Solid WordPress Foundations

Understand how WordPress works and how to use it properly to make the most of out it. This will also help you save a lot of time and money

Planning and publishing content

Using the power of AI tools and WordPress Block Editor

Designing a beautiful website

Using themes and plugins and also understand how to carefully pick them

Taking good care of your site

To make it ever reliable and secure by following best practices

About Instructor

Hey, Welcome to Apex52 Computer Classes 👋🏼

This is Mustafa, Founder of and a WordPress expert at Masjid Bandar.

As a certified web designer, I officially belong to the top 1% of WordPress experts around the world. I’ve been making websites for 15 years.

Committed To Quality Service” is what I believe

If there is one thing I would do perfectly in this world, that is building a website with WordPress by writing a custom theme from scratch also doing the SEO for the same. I can bring any small business to high demand in this online world. If you want to make a website you can directly call me here 

Call Me: +91 99878 64052

I started working on websites around 15 years ago and as I grew in my career, I became an expert in Web designing, Digital Marketing, and SEO expert.

Now, I have more than 103 clients from all over the world.

This also means that you are in really good hands. There is little to no room for imperfection.

I will see you inside!

The Web Design Curriculum

We will do everything step by step with no steps skipped.

Strong foundations

First, we will understand how a website works and how WordPress makes things easy.

Key takeaways:

Buying the domain name and hosting service

A lot of bad advice is out there on the internet when it comes to web hosting. We will settle the matter once and for all.

Key takeaways:

Planning the website content using AI

Website content needs to be planned before we start creating it.

And AI tools make this entire process faster by saving you a lot of time.

Key takeaways:

Publishing your first blog post using the WordPress Block Editor

Website content needs to be planned before we start creating it.

And AI tools make this entire process faster by saving you a lot of time.

Key takeaways:

Creating pages for your website

Even if you’re building just a blog, every website would still need pages like About Us, Contact Us, etc.

We will see how to create them and manage them properly.

Key takeaways:

Customising the website design with WordPress Themes

We will try out free themes.

Next, we will choose a Classic theme for designing the design.

Finally, we will learn how to build the website’s header using the chosen theme.

Key takeaways:

Extending the functionality of WordPress with plugins

We will learn how to create a contact form and add social sharing icons to our blog posts.

Key takeaways:

There are two aims for this workshop.

The first aim is to teach you WordPress.

And for that, we will be building a real-world website together.

The design and goal of the website that I will be building might not match your design ideas and website goals.

But you’ll be given enough knowledge so that you can adapt my steps

and implement them in your own way by building along with me.

This way you’ll learn to understand how to use WordPress properly.

Because, when you adapt and understand things, you’ll be able to build any kind of WordPress site with any kind of design. 

You can solve obstacles. Be it the hard way or the easy way.

And that is exactly the second aim of this live workshop.

The second aim is to help you take informed
decisions to save time and money

Building and maintaining a website could easily get expensive and stressful if you are not being careful.

But when your foundations are strong with WordPress, you’ll be able to do a lot of things by yourself by not reaching out for developer help.

This will help you save a lot of money.

Similarly, you’ll be only taking informed decisions when it comes to implementing new features for your website.

There will be very few chances for wasting time by going in the wrong direction.

So, what are you waiting for?

I am on a mission to help you start your career into web designing.