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Computer Hard Drive replacement in Mumbai

We require a complete and thorough Diagnostic in order to determine the cause of your problem, and the appropriate repairs needed to get you back up and running. Is your computer running slowly? Perhaps your operating system (Windows or macOS) is failing to load? Maybe there’s a clicking sound coming from your computer? Hard Drive failures can exhibit in numerous different ways, and we’ve seen them all. After a complete diagnostic, Apex52 can replace a failed Hard Drive in your laptop or desktop!

HDD Replacement Details:

  • This service applies to replacing a failed or failing hard drive in your computer after a paid and performed diagnostic
  • If we have determined you require a replacement hard drive, we select a hard drive that meets your needs regarding size and speed – we have sizes ranging from 1TB up to 16TB+
  • We have all the necessary specialized tools to do this. We set aside any screws and brackets needed to install the replacement hard drive
  • If you require data from your failed or failing hard drive, we can attempt data recovery on the old drive while repairing
  • We then install the new hard drive, just as the original was, and test it to make sure that the connections are right, the system can see it and recognize it, and run a hardware integrity test
  • If you would like us to install your operating system (Windows or macOS), we can install that at this point as the replacement hard drive will be empty with no operating system on it – this would have your computer back to the way it was when you first purchased it

What we Need From you:

  • The device you want us to repair for you and the power cord and adapter if it is a laptop or an all-in-one desktop
  • If you have already purchased a replacement hard drive please bring it in as well
  • Your login credentials so we can complete the function of testing within the operating system if you choose to have us clone the old hard drive. Very important, if your source device, drive, or PC is encrypted with something like BitLocker or Apple’s FileVault, we must have the information to unlock it, or we will not be able to clone your drive

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