Microsoft Powerpoint Course In Mumbai

Microsoft Powepoint Course In Mumbai

Description of Course

This course helps the students enhance their presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint. With simple but powerful features of PowerPoint for drawing, formatting, and animation, you will learn how to create impressive professional-quality presentations.

Get started with PowerPoint 2019. This course is for anyone who’s new to PowerPoint and would like to create and present slideshows and presentations. This course will teach you how to create a new presentation from scratch or by choosing a template from the hundreds available in the PowerPoint Presentation Gallery. Next, We will also teach how to add content such as text, images, audio and video, and even links in PowerPoint slides. You can also learn how to add engagement with animated transitions, and export, share, and deliver your presentation.

Detailed Syllabus

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Training Details:

Microsoft Powerpoint Objectives

  • Quick and Easy, High impact visual to accompany a talk.
  • Fact-filled presentation with plenty of Graphs and Charts.
  • Sophisticated Electronic presentation.
  • You can assemble existing text and graphics from other Microsoft Office Application.
  • You can time your Presentations.
  • You can save as Web Animation.

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