This Course Include:

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  1. Microsoft Word- How to open a new document in Word 2007
  2. Microsoft Word-How to find a word
  3. Microsoft Word- How to replace a word
  4. Microsoft Word- How to save a file
  5. Microsoft Word- How to close a file
  6. Microsoft Word- How to open an existing file
  7. Microsoft Word- How to use cut and paste
  8. Microsoft Word- How to use copy and paste
  9. Microsoft Word- How to select the whole text
  10. Microsoft Word- Overview home tab
  11. Microsoft Word- How to clear formats
  12. Microsoft Word- How to go to different views
  13. Microsoft Word- Overview Insert tab
  14. Microsoft Word- How to exit from word
  1. Microsoft Word- Work with insert option
  2. Microsoft Word- Cover page
  3. Microsoft Word- Blank page
  4. Microsoft Word- Page break
  5. Microsoft Word- Insert Table
  6. Microsoft Word- Insert excel sheet
  7. Microsoft Word- Insert Pictures from folders
  8. Microsoft Word- Insert clip-art
  9. Microsoft Word- Insert shapes
  10. Microsoft Word- Insert smart art
  11. Microsoft Word- Insert chart
  12. Microsoft Word- Use of hyperlink
  13. Microsoft Word- Bookmark
  14. Microsoft Word- Header and Footer
  15. Microsoft Word- Text box
  16. Microsoft Word- Word art
  17. Microsoft Word- Drop cap
  18. Microsoft Word- Insert object and symbols
  1. Microsoft Word- Working in page layout
  2. Microsoft Word- Set up themes
  3. Microsoft Word- Color themes
  4. Microsoft Word- Text themes
  5. Microsoft Word- Page set up
  6. Microsoft Word- Use of columns
  7. Microsoft Word- Watermarks
  8. Microsoft Word- Page Color
  9. Microsoft Word- Page border
  1. Microsoft Word- Work in references tab
  2. Microsoft Word- Insert foot note
  3. Microsoft Word- Insert end note
  4. Microsoft Word- Insert next note
  5. Microsoft Word- Bibliography
  6. Microsoft Word- Insert caption
  1. Microsoft Word- Work in review tab
  2. Microsoft Word- Spelling and grammer
  3. Microsoft Word- Translate
  4. Microsoft Word- Thesaurus
  5. Microsoft Word- Comments
  6. Microsoft Word- Protect document
  1. Microsoft Word- Work in view window
  2. Microsoft Word- Split
  3. Microsoft Word- Arrange all
  4. Microsoft Word- Macros
  5. Microsoft Word- Zoom
  6. Microsoft Word- Show\hide items
  7. Microsoft Word- Document views

This Course Include:

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Ms Word Course in Mumbai

Learn Microsoft Word

Ms Word Course is a simple yet powerful word-processing application, allowing you to create documents and format them as per your requirements. This one-day program exposes the participants to many of the important and powerful features of Microsoft Word that are useful for their day-to-day work, as well as some advanced aspects that can help them in saving their time.

Learn how to create, edit, format, and share documents with ease using the Microsoft Word 2019. Follow along with Mustafa Mala as he shows all the essential features of this powerful tool. This course covers how to edit and format text to create a stylish document with instant purpose; create numbered and bulleted lists; work with columns and tables; add images to your documents; collaborate on documents with your team; and share documents via OneDrive and email. Plus, discover how to use the proofing tools in Word to check spelling and grammar, punch up your resume using Resume Assistant, and more.

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A Brief on Microsoft Word Course Details

Microsoft Word courses offer skills that are available at a high level of proficiency with the software program- the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Microsoft Word course offers users and experts the capabilities like create, edit, format, and share documents.

Microsoft Word Course educates students on the functions, types of financial analysis, and the advanced formulas required to function as a word power user. This course program builds skill enhancement, specifically for typewriter users, to strengthen their fundamentals in word to an advanced level.

Microsoft Word courses are available as certification and Face-to-face practical courses with the flexibility of time to attend the sessions.

MIcrosoft Word Course Details Overview

Microsoft Word course allows the students to access face-to-ace practical classes. Each class is of 1-2 hours and is spread over 2 months.

The course offers weekly assignments, and study material in PDF format for students to refer to and study.

The course program holds module-wise case studies or projects for interested students.

After completing the course, students will be given a certificate of completion of advanced excel course which will help them in their future.

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Microsoft Word Certification Course

Share what you’ve learned, and be a standout professional in your desired industry with a certificate showcasing your knowledge gained from the course.

  • Showcase on your LinkedIn profile under “Licenses and Certificate” section
  • Showcase your certificate in Resume for job interview
  • Share as image online to demonstrate your skill