Advanced Excel Course In Mumbai

Advanced Excel Course In Mumbai

Description of Course

This course will guide you through every single step from installation to finished website. Once you’ve got WordPress installed on your computer, you will learn how to build and run a successful, beautiful, responsive-design website you can be proud of. After taking you through all of the main options in WordPress, explaining what each one does and how you set it up, I’ll let you watch over my shoulder as I build a WordPress website.  It will be an affiliate site that I hope will make me passive income for many years to come. 

Detailed Syllabus

Advanced Excel Lookup Function

Advanced Excel Protect / Unprotect

Advanced Excel Hyperlinks To

Introduction Of Elementor

Advanced Excel Macros

Advanced Excel Page Setup

Advanced Excel Filters / Sort/ Advance Filters

Advanced Excel Charts

Advanced Excel Pivot Table

Advanced Excel Consolidate

Advanced Excel Data Validation

Advanced Excel Import Data

Advanced Excel Insert Objects

Advanced Excel Shortcuts of Excel

Training Details:

Course Fees: ₹5000/-

A Brief on Advanced Excel Course Details

Advanced Excel courses offer skills that are available at a high level of proficiency with the software program- the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Advanced Excel course offers users and experts the lesser-known capabilities like pivot tables, lookup tables, pivot charts, and data validation and debugging features to ensure accuracy.

Advanced Excel Course educates students on the functions, types of financial analysis, and the advanced formulas required to function as an Excel power user. This course program builds skill enhancement, specifically for spreadsheet users, to strengthen their fundamentals in Excel to an advanced level.

Advanced Excel courses are available as certification and Face-to-face practical courses with the flexibility of time to attend the sessions.

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